5 easy tips to be more productive today

It’s not easy to be productive, I’m guilty of procrastinating all the time. It’s easy to lie around and not do anything but at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel very good. Which is why I want to share the ways that I have divided my day to be more productive.

Top 3 things to do to start your day right

How you wake up and how you sleep the night before is a big factor on how your day will begin. These three things are what are proven by science to help boost your mood, energy, and chemicals in your brain to help start your day in the right direction. As well as what I have been doing to help start my day, and relieve the stress from the night before.

Daily habits to help lessen your stress

We all get caught up in school, work, goals..its a lot to take in every day and that adds up to the amount of stress we can take. Below are some tips that will hopefully help in decreasing that stress and help you better manage it.

5 Quotes on letting go and moving on as we go into 2017

As this year ends and another begins, we reflect on everything we have done or didn’t do in the last 12 months. Either we gained some good memories or wished we could forget some bad ones. This article reflects quotes that will hopefully help you realise that it’s better to let go and move on and start anew next year. Here are some quotes that resonated with us and what each meant for us this year.

Top 5 things that happy people don’t care about

We all have our ups and downs but some people are generally happier than most. Why is that? What do they do that makes them happier? These top 5 things will hopefully shed some light on how you can start being happy too.