8 ways to make happiness your goal

How to use your mind to be positive. When we see things positively instead of negatively we can change how we perceive certain situations. Instead of feeling unhappy because we are blaming ourselves or listing all the things that went wrong, we see past it and see the beauty of the situation. “Accept the way it is and look for the positive and beauty in the situation”. We choose whether or not we should be trapped in our own negative thoughts or break free of them. It’s similar to the story with the horse tied to a wooden chair. He thinks he is stuck, unable to move anywhere because he is tied to an object but in reality, he can easily use his strength to pull that chair with him. Don’t let obstacles, no matter how big or small they are to bring you down.

Adopt these keys points to ensure that you are constantly in a state of well-being.

  1. Give up trying to control every situation, it’s impossible.
  2. Let go of the past and stop expecting the future to make things better. Now is the only time you can experience joy.
  3. Accept the way something is. If you can change it, great. If you can’t, Hakuna Matata (it means no worries!)
  4. Give up speculating. You have no idea why she didn’t turn up for the date. Maybe she had a car crash!
  5. Look for the good in all things. Search for beauty, it’s everywhere.
  6. Play, be silly, be creative. Let your hair down.
  7. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Go out of your way to give thanks.
  8. Consistently following these simple steps will ensure that you think powerfully and positively.
The complete article if you’re interested can be read here: How to use your powerful mind to be positively happy.

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