Top 5 things that happy people don’t care about

We all have our ups and downs but some people are generally happier than most. Why is that? What do they do that makes them happier? These top 5 things will hopefully shed some light on how you can start being happy too.

1. They don’t care about what others think.

At some point in our lives, we start caring what others think. It’s part of society, we get judged. How we dress, what music we listen to, where we’re from, and how we look. We are constantly being bombarded with top 10 ways to lose that weight or 5 tips on how to look sexier. But happy people don’t care about those things, they give themselves permission to be happy on whatever they want. Why should you ask permission from others on how you should be happy when that’s your permission to give?


2. They don’t care about the past or future.

Most of us have expectations of the future or regrets from the past which generally adds to our overall unhappiness. But why ponder on those things? Happy people understand that they are in control of their lives, they can neither change the past nor control the future. All they have is the present, make the most of it.


3. They don’t care about fear.

Happy people don’t allow fear to take over them. They don’t easily get distracted by the problems, rather they try to find the solutions out of the problems.

Rather pondering about fear, they work even harder to eliminate the problems that came in their way and they don’t let fear to disturb their inner peace which eventually keep them happy.

4. They don’t care about the age.

Age is just a number for them. If they are willing to learn something, they will jump over it without thinking of anything else. You are never too old to learn something new or gain new experiences. Age is just a number, it does not define us or the amount of pleasure or happiness one can acquire.

5. They don’t care about pleasing everybody.

They are well aware of the fact that we cannot please everybody in life. It is not their job or responsibility to please everyone in their life. The most important person they should be pleasing is themselves.


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