Daily habits to help lessen your stress

We all get caught up in school, work, goals..its a lot to take in every day and that adds up to the amount of stress we can take. Below are some tips that will hopefully help in decreasing that stress and help you better manage it.

Prepare your day the night before. My dad always told me to prepare everything I needed for school the night before. the clothes I’ll wear the next day on the chair, my textbooks and assignments already tucked away in my backpack, and whatever else I needed sitting on the table ready to go. I found if I did what my dad told me to do it made my morning easier, less stressful and I was able to finish breakfast on time. If I forgot to do this, my mornings were more rushed, more stressful, and breakfast was out of the picture. Now I use this habit to pack my lunch the day before, put all the things I needed for work on the table ready to go.

Be 5-10 minutes early for appointments. This is the greatest tip I probably got once I got myself a job. Being 5 or 10 minutes early for anything cut my stress down by half. I didn’t have to worry if I had time for breakfast, if my bus was going to be late or if the other person would be waiting for too long. With this habit, I had time to myself once I reached my destination. Other to finish the last few sentences of a text message or go to the washroom at work, or even to get myself some tea before I started my shift. It’s that few minutes of relaxation that helped boost my mood and lessen the stress I had that day.

Organise the things you need to do. I keep a to-do list on my phone of all the things I need to do this week. I even break it down to each day to reach my goal for the week or even for the month. Remember you don’t always have to do everything a once or to finish that big project in one day. Break it down into small,. measurable steps. Take it one at a time each day. I break mine down so it’s more manageable, easy to reach, and less time consuming which means more time to put myself first. Get a to-do list, whether it’s written with pen and paper or added into your phone. It’s always satisfying to cross off something you accomplished.

Let your lunch/dinner time be a time of relaxing. Use this time for yourself. Go to your favourite restaurant, take out your favourite dish or indulge in some dessert after. This is your time right now. Put down your work, or your phone and take some time to savour what you’re eating. Or appreciate where you are. Grab a book to read, let your mind escape for a few minutes and relax. You’ll find this helps build your strength back and perhaps help you think more clearly once you get back to work.

Ask for help. You don’t have to take on everything by yourself. Ask for help, find people that are willing to support you. A shoulder to lie on, or someone who will listen to you and provide support. This has help me tremendously to lift off some pressure, just having someone there to take my mind off my problems or to shed some light on it helped me cope better.

Consciously set and maintain firm boundaries between your work and personal time. Don’t let work interfere with your life. Have a set time where you end it for the night, my time is at 9pm. Once it reaches that time, stop. Take a look at your progress, pat yourself on the back and prepare anything you need to do for the next day. Then move on to something else, take your mind off your work after your set time. We are not machines who can go on forever, we need our rest too. Take that time for yourself.

Don’t lose the 3 fundamental energies. This means getting enough sleep, being well-rested effects our overall mood and stress levels. So get that 8 hours a day as needed, or take a power nap if you have to. Eat healthy, don’t skip breakfast because you needed to answer emails or take 2 bites out of that sandwich because your past a deadline. Refuel yourself, we need energy to keep going. If you’re hungry and feeling tired, go grab something to eat. Exercise, keep yourself active and your blood flowing with a daily workout. Look into something you can do that just takes 5 or 10 minutes of your day. Get that blood flowing and you’ll soon see what a difference that makes in boosting your mood and your energy.

Inspired by this post: http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2016/08/18/get-more-done/


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