5 easy tips to be more productive today

It’s not easy to be productive, I’m guilty of procrastinating all the time. It’s easy to lie around and not do anything but at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel very good. Which is why I want to share the ways that I have divided my day to be more productive.

Prioritise your goals. I can not stress this enough. Always prioritise what you want to accomplish today. And just focus on today. You might want to take on everything at once to reach that big goal you set for yourself for the week or even for the month but it won’t happen in a day. It takes one step each day to reach a bigger goal. This can be saving $5 each day, or $50 each week to fund that romantic Paris trip. Or workout for 10 minutes a day to get those sparkling abs. Whatever it is, prioritise what you need to do for today, break it down into smaller goals for the week and then even smaller for each day to help.

Set aside some time. It always seems like we never have enough time in the day to get anything done but in reality, it was just me not using the time I had right. Once I set a time to when I wanted to work and when I wanted to end I found a huge improvement in how much I could get done in the day. And that feeling of achievement is what motivates me to keep setting time aside for my goals. For example from 12-3pm I might dedicate time to do task #1, once that’s done I go and tackle my next task for a certain amount of time until all the tasks I had set out for the day is done. I even estimate how much time it’ll take to get everything done for the day. Once I know how much it might take and how long it’ll take it’s so much easier to set that chunk of time aside and organise my tasks accordingly so I get everything done without being overwhelmed.

Make a to-do list. Set some points for each day on what you want to accomplish. I’ve found that it helped organise my thoughts and also helps me visualise my day better. The great thing about to-do lists is that you can sync it to your calendar which you can then set a time period of when you want to start on the task and when you expect to finish it by. Visualising your day helps release some of the stress, knowing where you are heading and what your day looks like. As well as getting rid of being overwhelmed know that you know what to expect. It’s also quite satisfying to cross off your tasks one by one.

Keep it simple. Keep your tasks for the day simple. Or simplify your goals and break it down into easy to do tasks. For example, if you want to achieve those nice six packs, that is your main goal. You can break that down to doing 1 hour of core workout each week, break that down even further by doing 10 minutes of core workout each day. Another thing that I do is tackling the easier task first. This helps me ease into what I have to do to achieve my goals for the day and is also like a starting point for me. Once I start I keep going until I finish it all.

Write your ideas down. This has helped me remember the ideas I have and also I can come back to that idea at a later time. It doesn’t have to be a concrete idea yet but once I revisit it, it’s a lot easier to brain storm, to create different paths on how I’ll be able to achieve that idea and make it into a goal.

Inspired by: http://www.lifeoptimizer.org/2016/10/12/become-more-productive/


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